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GYDE is the award-winning architecture and design firm led by principal architects Peggy Gilday, Nona Yehia, John Stennis and Katherine Koriakin. Over the past 35 years, our work has taken us beyond our office in Jackson, Wyoming to several states and countries and has included residential, commercial, civic and non-profit projects.

GYDE’s process begins with our team of architects and designers, is developed through a close working relationship with our clients, and culminates in the collaboration with engineers, builders and craftspeople. Our approach blends art, architecture, science and technology to craft innovative solutions that integrate design into unexpected spaces, push boundaries and create extraordinary experiences. We strive to build trust within the communities we impact and engage our clients during all phases of design to ensure positive outcomes.  





GYDE’s collaborative approach begins with our team - our respectful, collegial culture allows great ideas and skills to surface and evolve. We strive for open dialogue and productive relationships with builders, engineers, and artisans, learning from their expertise while stewarding outstanding design.


Most important is always collaboration with our clients, whom we see as partners in fulfilling their ambitions for place with our skills and experience. Over 17 years ago, Principal Peggy Gilday worked on Fine Dining Group’s (FDG)  first restaurant in Jackson, Rendezvous Bistro, and has worked on every space transformation for FDG since, from smaller scale refreshes to new construction. “It’s really evolved from us just providing a service to a very trusting collaboration. He has a vision for a space. We help make it happen.”

“The beauty of working in a small place is making relationships. It doesn’t have to feel like work. I know when to let her run with things.”

- Gavin Fine, Owner, Fine Dining Group


“We can be really honest with each other. Gavin appreciates good design, has strong ideas - it’s great. We can respect and challenge each other.”

- Principal Peggy Gilday

Sustainability is more than a catchphrase or a set of trade protocols. We are proud of our LEED Certified projects and our clients who are active in the environment-conservation space, but there’s more to sustainability at GYDE.
We value the integrity of renewable materials, efficient and forward thinking building assemblies, and efficiently engineered systems, but on a more holistic level, we ask ourselves how structures can intelligently evolve with time, innovation, and shifting landscapes both natural and constructed.
We consider how a building will be lived or worked in for decades - how can a family home meet the needs of aging parents and maturing children, what will a library mean to a community in an increasingly virtual world, or how can we design and engineer buildings to help non-profits and businesses thrive for generations? This is what sustainability means at GYDE.

“We are so fortunate to be able to pursue our passions in this community of risk takers and art lovers. The community connections are so important, and they set us apart.”

- Principals Nona Yehia and Peggy Gilday


At GYDE we are passionate about our communities because at our core, we believe design and architecture can provide solutions as well as beauty. Our two principals set the model for our team, serving on many non-profit boards, volunteering for civic initiatives, and partnering with non-profits in design-driven solutions that help them fulfill their mission.


Vertical Harvest, a stunning three-story hydroponic farm in downtown Jackson that produces over 100,000 pounds of produce a year and employs 15 differently-abled community members, was co-founded by Nona Yehia.


Peggy Gilday’s passion for affordable housing has fueled collaborations with private and public housing efforts, producing intelligent plans for sustainably attainable housing with design integrity that imparts pride of ownership and community. 



Award of Citation


AIA Wyoming 2020


Vertical Harvest Jackson Hole

AIA Wyoming 2019

Award of Merit

Teton Village Ski House

AIA Wyoming 2017

Award of Citation

Vertical Harvest Jackson Hole

AIA Wyoming 2017

Award of Merit
GH House
AIA Wyoming 2014

2012 Rising Star Award

Jackson Hole Chamber of Commerce

Ace Pinnacle Award

Award of Merit
Wilson Park
AIA Wyoming 2011
Award of Merit
Blu Kitchen
AIA Wyoming 2008


Award of Merit

Republic Square

AIA New York 2007

1st place
Blu Kitchen
3 FORM 2007

Award of Honor

Millward Affordable

AIA Wyoming 2004

Award of Excellence

Wilson Meadows

NAHRO 2004

Award of Honor

Webber Residence

AIA Wyoming 2002

Award of Merit
Webber Residence
AIA Utah 2001

Citation Award
Sage Meadows
AIA WMA 2000

Award of Honor
Red House
AIA Wyoming 1999

Award of Merit
Sage Meadows
AIA Wyoming 1999

Award of Merit
Wild Turkey Boutique 
AIA Wyoming 1997 


- Community Streets Furniture Project Awarded the partnership with JH Public Art and Friends of Pathways to design and develop a set of street furniture for the Town of Jackson.

- Astana Complex 90,000 sqm. hotel/residential complex located in the Astana, Kazakhstan.
1st Place

- Al Farabi Business Center 160,000 sqm. office complex located in the Almaty, Kazakhstan.
1st Place with NBBJ

- Dostyk Business Complex 220,000 sqm. office complex located in the Almaty, Kazakhstan.
1St Place with NBBJ

- Republic Square Competiton 160,000 sqm. multi-use complex located in the Almaty, Kazakhstan.
2nd Place with NBBJ. Zaha Hadid awarded commission

- PS1 MOMA Finalist in PS1 Museum of Modern Art Young Architects Competition

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