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Steph Wise


Steph fell in love with Jackson at the age of 12 when she first laid eyes on Corbets Couloir. After graduating from Cal Poly - San Luis Obispo, Steph landed in Jackson working for the Teton Science Schools as an environmental educator and then moved onto working for the Art Association of JH. In 2013 Steph was asked to move back to San Luis Obispo to teach and start a program within the architecture department at Cal Poly that partnered students with NGOs around the world in need of design.


Many countries and wild adventures later, Steph settled into a more traditional role, in a more traditional and less infectious disease ridden firm in California until she could no longer avoid the call to return to Jackson - ultimately reconnecting with some familiar faces and finding her way to GYDE. You can find her working in excel most days while multi tasking and day dreaming of beautiful spaces in beautiful places.

Natural Resource Mangement, 2009, California Polytechnic State University - SLO

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